Headquartered in London, iniBuilds is a cutting edge game studio, specialised in the design and development of various assets for simulation in both the video game space and for wider commercial uses.

Standing at the forefront of the flight simulation industry, iniBuilds are fuelled by a driven team and passionate community.

To complement iniBuilds flight simulation capabilities, the team has a huge depth of experience that can be leveraged to branch out into other AAA simulation games.


Our name stems from our inception where we started in early 2019, creating modifications for Prepar3D, with liveries being created and posted shortly after on the iniBuilds freeware library. The name comes from an ini file of a GSX Profile, which was our first project and Builds from ‘building a profile’. Weird we know, but we stuck with it!

Time went by, and after a few other modifications such as liveries, and dynamic lighting enhancements we began production on our own comprehensive solutions.

Since our inception, we have grown significantly creating the latest solutions for flight simulators & the training sector; collaborating with AAA games & working with the largest tech brands in the world!

Behind the Cogwheel

The Cogwheel is often used to symbolize productivity. Interlocked with other geared components, the wheels interact to advance the mechanism:


The Cogwheel pattern exemplifies and expands on iniBuilds' identity by expressing the team’s rapid-fire development into a world-class brand for hi-fi aircraft and airport renditions for flight simulation: