iniBuilds is a cutting edge simulation software company with extensive expertise in geospatial imagery, 3D modelling, texturing, and complex system simulation.

Our world class products are now available for the industry and businesses as complete solutions tailored to your needs.

Our international team can develop models, assets and system simulations for all your simulator platforms in minute detail.

Current Clients

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Virtual Reality Aviation Training Solutions

Custom flight deck models for procedural training - Virtual Reality (VR)based procedural training solution. (Up to certification level).

Enhanced doors, galleys, safety, and equipment training - With VR simulation devices, you can conduct training from a classroom instead of expensive fixed based devices.

Various ground handling elements such as pre-departure checks, aircraft push back, de-icing and airfield driving.


Custom Airport
Modelling and

  • Update or enhance existing simulator visual models in a variety of platforms.
  • Create special category airfield training - High-fidelity visual models and approach paths, for example the JFK Canarsie.
  • Fully modelled terminals, roadways, stands, fuel farms, ground markings and signs.
  • Models can be created in platforms such as Lockheed Martin P3D, Laminar Research X-Plane, Unreal Engine and others.

Bespoke 3D
Modelling and

  • Our 3D model and texture artists can create anything as a virtual asset.
  • Using advanced modelling and texturing techniques we keep memory usage low but detail high for great performance.
  • Thinking of creating a digital twin? No problem. Given the correct details, dimensions and images to work from we can do it.