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St. Barts (TFFJ)

Airworthy Designs St. Barts (TFFJ) for MSFS


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The island of Saint Barthelemy, developed from the ground up for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
This scenery is a complete recreation of the famous St. Barths island. Over half a decade of scenery making experience and a thousand hours of development. Developed with the use of on-site photography and the input of local residents, Airworthy Designs have tried to create as much detail as possible, so that your approaches can be recreated with a high degree of realism.


  • Whole island modeled! Including; The port of gustavia , the industrial zone and residential areas
  • Correct mesh modeling: The default mesh for the area was incorrect, making the final approach unrealistic compared the the real approach, extra attention made in this area to ensure accuracy
  • Full terminal modeling: Both interior and exteriors have been recreated to the minute of detail
  • Night Lighting
  • Dynamic flag animations
  • FPS friendly


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