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Lucenec (LZLU)

Flying Partners Slovakia Lucenec (LZLU) for MSFS


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The airport was founded for the needs of the Lučenec Aeroclub in 1965 and since then it has been operating at the Lučenec - Bolkovce LZLU airport. In 1979, the Center of Top Sports of the Central Committee of Zväzarm was established at the airport - the base of parachuting, for the training of top athletes of parachutists, the center of top sports of youth and the center of the state sports representation in parachuting. The Air Sports Center and the Slovak Ultralight Flying Federation were also founded here. Among the important personalities from the world of parachuting who worked at the airport were several multiple world champions: Josef Pavlata, Karol Adamčík, Libor Jiroušek and others. Among the women were Květoslava Lněníčková, Jana Kočárková, Katarína Babincová and others. Slovak cosmonaut Ivan BELLA also completed the jump here. The representatives of the Czech Republic and members of the legendary DUKLA Prostějov also completed sports training here.
The World Parachuting Championships were held in Lučenec 6 times in the years 1982/1991/2000/2002/2008/2009, with the participation of 38 to 42 countries. The Czechoslovak and Slovak Championships, the PARAPOS International Competitions were also organized here. Furthermore, they organized joint training camps with the representative teams of France, USSR, Russia, GDR, Turkey, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Oman, UAE, Bulgaria, Austria and many other countries. The Slovak Ultralight Flying Federation organized here the Slovak Championship in Navigational Flying, the Slovak Championship and cup competitions in landing accuracy, training of aviation personnel and talented youth.
At the airport you can meet types of aircraft such as: SD - 4 Viper, Zanair CH - 601 and CH - 701, Bristell, Sluka, Euro Fox, Dynamic, Piper Grasshoper, Cessna 172, Zlin 142 and until 2007 also AN-2.


  • Realistic and Highly Detailed Representation of the Airport
  • Newly modeled buildings covered with photo textures created on 05.13.2023
  • Custom Buildings and Hangars of the Lucenec airport with detailed textures
  • Custom Airplanes and Cars
  • A lot of custom objects like airplanes, cars, people and more
  • Models and details for the environment


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