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Ostrava (LKMT)

Flying Partners Slovakia Ostrava (LKMT) for MSFS


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The history of Ostrava - Mošnov International Airport dates back to the first decade of the last century. Here in the then village of Harty lived the Žurovcov brothers, regional aviation pioneers who carried out their work and experiments in the years 1909 - 1914. After WW1, the brothers Josef and Vilém returned to civilian flying with an airplane bought from war surpluses. However, their business ended in time due to a lack of funds. The place where the Ostrava airport is now located was used for air traffic for the first time by the German Luftwaffe, which built a field airport here in 1939 after the occupation of Czechoslovakia for the preparation of an attack on Poland. In May 1945, on the other hand, they were used by the first Czechoslovak mixed air division. Then followed a period of inactivity and the land was returned to its original purpose, that is agricultural production.
Modern history begins in 1956 with the start of construction work on the current airport. It was clear from the beginning that there would not only be traffic here, but that the airport would primarily serve the needs of the military. The official start of civil air traffic is dated October 16, 1959, when the TU - 104 A aircraft landed here. The air traffic provided by ČSA included mainly domestic, but also irregular foreign flights. During them, all types of ČSA transport aircraft, whether piston or jet, took turns on the grounds of the Mošnov airport. In the 1960s and 1970s, there was also air taxi operation. The year 1989 became a significant turning point. Soon after that, in 1993, the activities of the military part of the airport came to an end and thus all concerns related to the operation of the airport were transferred to the shoulders of ČSL. July 1, 2004 was a date when the Ostrava airport was transferred from the property of the Czech Airport Administration, s.p. into the ownership of the Moravian-Silesian Region. Ostrava Airport has become a dynamically developing organism. Today, you can meet here airplanes of various carriers, without exaggeration, from all over the world on charter flights, as well as machines of domestic airlines. Ostrava International Airport has become an important partner for the development of the entire Moravian-Silesian region.

Currently, the following companies operate from this airport on regular routes are: LOT, Ryanair, Travel Service and Smart Wings. On charter lines: Bulgarian Air Charter, CSA and others. Among the cargo companies here you can see: DHL Aviation, Uzbekistan Airways and others. Also, thanks to companies like IAC and JOB-AIR Technic, you can meet other beautiful planes at this airport.


  • Realistic and Highly Detailed Representation of the Airport
  • More than 650 working hours
  • Newly modeled buildings covered with photo textures created on 04.30.2023
  • Custom Buildings and Hangars of the Ostrava airport with detailed textures
  • Custom Airplanes and Cars
  • A lot of custom objects like airplanes, cars, people and more


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