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Designs HVN-900 UAV Drone

Heaven Designs HVN-900 UAV Drone for MSFS


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The HVN-900 is a cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) designed for various strategic and tactical missions. Developed by Heaven Designs & Giba, this advanced drone boasts an impressive range, endurance, and versatility. With a wingspan of around 15 meters, the HVN-900 can stay aloft for many hours, carrying out surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, and other missions. Equipped with a variety of sensors, communication systems, and payload options, it offers real-time data and analysis capabilities. Its autonomous capabilities, extended operational range, and adaptability make the HVN-900 a significant asset for modern operations, enabling effective situational awareness and mission execution.

This is not meant to be a study-level aircraft since a lot of its documentation is classified/confidential, however Heaven Designs managed to get its physics as close as possible to the real aircraft performance (limited by the documentation/information they have).


  • Accurate 3d model
  • Accurate Flight Dynamics
  • PBR 4K Textures
  • Custom Ground Control Station 3d model
  • Custom Screens
  • Custom Systems


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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.37.18+